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Title: Christmas Goodie Bag 
Artist: Me! (Nightingale29)
AN: 14 Christmas icons and if you keep scrolling down you might find a bonus feature *g*
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Nope unless you haven't seen those TVGuide pics or S7E10 'Faith'
Characters/Pairings: Lets hear it for the boys!
Rating: PG
Genre/Category: Art/Icons

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Just a few MH icons to go with the MW ones I did a few weeks ago *g*

MH Icons )
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Just a few MW icons from promo pics I've been playing with. The scruffy!MW's are for those of us who like our guy with a little stubble *bg*

Michael Weatherly Icons )
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Yesterday I posted some fanart I did with those wonderful pics [ profile] taylorgibbs posted on [ profile] gibbs_dinozzo . Then [ profile] slashscribe commented one of them looked like an engagement photo Gibbs would have done at Sears and wrote a great fic Engagement Photos 

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The lovely and very talented [ profile] xanthelj has had a nasty fall and broken her ankle. To cheer her up a H/C~athon has been organised here

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                     Gibbs & Tony - A Love Story In Icons

                                                                     Part Two:

                                          Some Things Are Just Meant To Be

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                                   Gibbs & Tony A Love Story In Icons

                                   ( aka An Iconic Love Story)

                                                                       Part One:

                                                                                   Remember When We First Met? . . .

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Icons, Icons everywhere :) I was intending to wait till after season 8 had finished and do one big post.

But then those promo pics of 'Baltimore' were released. . . 

And fandom exploded with GLEE. . . 

I think they will probably need a post all to themselves! so I'm posting these now. Enjoy!

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