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I just remembered I said I'd post Tony's Christmas present from Gibbs, made to go with my fic 'Ten Years in the Making ', in a separate post after Christmas...


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Title: Ten Years In The Making.
Author: Me! (Nightingale29)
Characters/Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo, mentions of Gibbs/Hollis Mann, Tony/EJ fact everyone makes a brief appearance.
Genre: Slash, Humor, a little angst, a little schmoop...a little of everything.
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: All seasons from 1 to 9 are covered especially S9E8 'Engaged pt 1' Tony's bucket list strikes again!
Warnings: Mentions of all previous het relationships.
Word Count: 2089
Disclaimer: Don't own them but if Santa's listening I've been a really good girl this year...
Summery: Ten years of ups and downs, of breaking up and making up. Isn't it about time they got that happy ending?
AN: First fic (if you don't include that little poetic offering last week) Written to go with a piece of artwork a few people suggested I do after I did #15 on Tony's bucket list - a DiNozzo's coat of arms. This started out as a few words to accompany the art and kinda took on a life of it's own! Many many thanks to the wonderful [ profile] sinfulslasher for the beta any remaining mistakes are mine for not paying attention.

Artwork: The artwork is my second offering for the calender and can be found all wraped up at the end of the fic, just click on Tony's pressie to open it *g*. The link will take you to my scrapbook for the moment because I'm super sneaky and didn't want it to be seen before you've read the fic (trust me it does matter which way round you do this). I might post it to my LJ proper after Xmas... although I kinda like it where it is :)

Spoilers: Above spoilers for S9E8 'Engaged pt 1' apply to the art too.

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Title: Christmas Goodie Bag 
Artist: Me! (Nightingale29)
AN: 14 Christmas icons and if you keep scrolling down you might find a bonus feature *g*
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Nope unless you haven't seen those TVGuide pics or S7E10 'Faith'
Characters/Pairings: Lets hear it for the boys!
Rating: PG
Genre/Category: Art/Icons

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Title: A Christmas Tale (aka 'Twas the Night Before Christmas)
Author: Me! (Nightingale29)
Warnings: None.
Authors Notes: This came out of nowhere and made me write it down then refused to let me change any more than the odd word (even when I threatened to delete it) unbetaed so all mistakes are it's fault *g*
Spoilers: Two icon sized pic used in the making of this fic come from S9E1 'Nature of the Beast' but they're just head shots....
Characters/Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo all the way! and a special appearance by Santa!Abby.
Rating: PG/PG13
Genre/Category: Preslash Humor Poetry-ish . . . it's a fic that rhymes. . . and it looks pretty!
Word Count: 765
Disclaimer: I don't own them damn it! if I did thing would be a lot different! *g*
Summery: 'Twas the night before Christmas and Gibbs needs a wake up call . . . cue Santa!Abby.

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Christmas is coming so in between my [ profile] tibbs_yuletide artwork I did some general festive icons too *g*

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Done for challenge 12 over at [ profile] gibbs_dinozzo 'Write a story (make a piece of art) based on one or more items on Tony's bucket list!'

I chose #15 - Create DiNozzo coat of arms. Probably not what Tony hand in mind and definitely not the traditional kind but apparently a coat of arms is supposed to reflect the person it is for so I chose some very 'Tony' things for it *g*

Interesting side note I found this site If you put in your surname (and there's a coat of arms listed under your name) it'll tell you your motto . . . Apparently mine is Cave adsum which means 'Beware I am here' *dies laughing* and scarily apt!!!!!!!!!!! 

Update: Just out of curiosity I put the names Gibbs & DiNozzo into the above site. It didn't have anything for DiNozzo but for Gibbs it had the motto Tenax propositi which means 'Firm of purpose' . . . . I though it was amazing how much that fits our Gibbs. . . . :)

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Yesterday I posted some fanart I did with those wonderful pics [ profile] taylorgibbs posted on [ profile] gibbs_dinozzo . Then [ profile] slashscribe commented one of them looked like an engagement photo Gibbs would have done at Sears and wrote a great fic Engagement Photos 

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I've been inspired by those lovely pictures [ profile] taylorgibbs put on [ profile] gibbs_dinozzo  and have spent the best part of the night creating some fan art of my own (It's actually taken longer to post them than anything else I hate wireless internet. . . don't ask!) 

This is the result . . . Enjoy!

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The lovely and very talented [ profile] xanthelj has had a nasty fall and broken her ankle. To cheer her up a H/C~athon has been organised here

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